What materials we need to produce exterior 3D renders and why?


Think of us as builders. We require all the necessary information a builder would need, in order to create and visualise your development exactly how it should be. Read below to find our exactly what we will request from our clients and why.



1. Site Plan

The site plan shows the location of the development site in relation to its surrounding environment. This helps us an understand what existing buildings are around, roads and other features that will need to be shown in the render.

2. Site Survey

The site survey shows land contours with heights as well as an indication of the ground level heights of the building/s. This helps us understand how the development sits within its surrounding environment.



3. Site Photos

Ground and/or aerial photography will give us a better understanding of the surrounding buildings and environment. If site photos aren’t available, Google Maps is an easy way to screenshot images of the area.

4. 3D Model

The 3D model is a crucial element for us. The model needs to have the overall structure (walls, ceiling, general massing) of the development, and along with detailed plans we will fill in the rest of the detail (exterior detail - roads/curbs and interior detail etc).



5. Detailed Plans

Architectural set of drawings with as much detail as possible. These plans to include sections and elevations. We use the plans to cross check the 3D model, add further detail and ensure each detail/measurement is accurate.

6. Exterior Colour Schedule

Material/colour schedules with relevant information (supplier, name, reference image). Elevations with material locations is very beneficial.



7. Landscaping Plans

Selection of plants, materials and structures used in and around the project. This is to include:

  • Schedule of plant species (with reference images)

  • Location of plants

Whilst we do request these materials, we always work with our clients with what information they can provide as we understand some details can be delayed in the long development process. Contact us today to discuss your project!

Download our Materials Required Checklist PDF here.


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