What materials we need to produce interior 3D renders and why?


Think of us as builders. We require all the necessary information a builder would need, in order to create and visualise your development exactly how it should be. Read below to find our exactly what we will request from our clients.



1. Floor Plans

Floor plans for all relevant spaces, with measurements and any other important details.

2. RCP’s or Sections

Reflected ceiling plan with heights indicated on them. This tells us where all lighting, smoke alarms, aircon vents etc are in or on the ceiling.



3. Cabinetry Elevations

Joinery plans (elevations) with dimensions and finishes specified for relevant spaces. E.g:

  • Bathroom

  • Kitchen

  • WIR (if required)

Without elevation drawings, you cannot see the details of the cabinetry, the size of each drawer or the location of each cabinet.  A floor plan simply cannot communicate all of this information adequately.

4. Interior Colour Schedule

Interior colour schedule with photo references. This should have all interior finishes and materials for the project. Preferably referring back to plans/elevations to indicate location of materials.



5. Inclusions

Schedule of inclusions to include all tap ware, handles, cabinetry, sanitary fixtures and appliances.

6. Lighting Plan

Lighting schedule to show location of light fixtures, if one is not available a hand drawn document to show the location of the lights is fine.



7. Door/Window Schedule

Information regarding door frames, window frames, and balcony doors (make, model and dimensions).

8. Exterior Detail

Balcony/courtyard details that may affect the render:

  • Balustrading

  • Railings

  • Shades

Whilst we do request these materials, we always work with our clients with what information they can provide as we understand some details can be delayed in the long development process. Contact us today to discuss your project!

Download our Materials Required Checklist PDF here.


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